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Paddling / Re: Main-Middle Channels Ottawa River
« Last post by Bruce Samhaber on Yesterday at 10:48:47 AM »

Kahuna was awesome!!
We need to go run that again so that we can surf Kahuna longer!!


Confirmed today at 4.5-5 ... Colisium is not beginner friendly. I don't remember Kahuna being that big. No "out of boat" experience but it came close.

Anytime a beginner kayaker can get on the water, it is much better than sitting at home. The Middle channel is where the kayak schools take their students. Not challenging enough ... then run the rapids backwards :-)


Thanks Larry! Exactly what I needed to know. What is a summer level for the Main?

Do the Middle Channel at the current level. You will have a better day on the river. We are not at summer levels yet. Depends on what you consider "worth it", if you consider chasing a swimmer at the Normans or Coliseum "worth it" by all means go down the Main.


Just wondering what would be a good Main Channel level to bring a strong beginner kayaker? It’s at 7.5 or something like that right now, is that ok? Also, I’ve never ran the Middle during the summer, is it worth it?
Paddling / Valleyfield tomorrow Tues July 16
« Last post by KellyM on Yesterday at 09:00:44 AM »
Paul Potvin and I are heading to Valleyfield tomorrow, leaning Ottawa at 10:00 am and arriving there about noon. Paul has a complete description in his last Valleyfield post. Great place to sharpen up your skills.


Fantastic day and evening Saturday.
You really organized this weekend very well with attention to detail.

Well done Sir,


Thanks for organizing the weekend.  I had a great day on Saturday, it was good to see old paddling friends again.
Attendance this year was 22 paddlers on Sat and 11 on Sunday.
Hope everyone enjoyed them selves.
Won't be able to go because of a bum knee, unfortunately.
Yes, Meet time at Eagleson is 9:00

There are 1-2 others meeting at 9:00 but anyone with more room should swing by.
I can squeeze one more on the Sun afternoon return trip if needed.

Hi dani, I will heading up for both days. Let's pool but I might have a hard time with the clock in the a.m.
I would be grateful to get a ride from Eagleson park and ride tomorrow. I think we said meeting there at 9 AM, right?
One of my tires needs to be replaced urgently so it wouldn't be the best idea to drive my own car but I'll be more than happy to pay for my ride:)
Would love to stay overnight and paddle again on Sunday.
Driving up Saturday morning, camping, back Sunday morning.

Have room for another...

613 820-6278
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