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Not sure yet if I’ll go but if I do drysuit or not?

If you have a dry suit, wear it.

Not sure yet if I’ll go but if I do drysuit or not?
A group of us is heading to Whispers Pub, on Richmond Road this Thursday, June 6, for 7 PM.

We'll be planning for the Newcomer day paddling weekend trip this Saturday.

Join US!

See you all at the wt take out at 10:00

Paddling / CdB's Newcomers' Day is this Saturday, June 15!
« Last post by Paul Potvin on June 11, 2019, 11:28:16 AM »
CdB's Newcomers' Day is this Saturday, June 15!
CdB Newcomers Day 2019- Saturday, June 15th!

CdB's Newcomers' Day

Saturday, June 15th


Ottawa River's beginner friendly Middle Channel. Many safe lines or alternate lines and of course, all rapids can be scouted and walked!
To meet your new paddling buddies and do what we love best.... PADDLING!!!!
How: More experienced CdB Paddlers will paddle along and be available with helpful hints and advice about the river.
Meet time: 10:00 AM-you should leave Ottawa around 8:15 at the latest.

Meet place: Wilderness Tours Takeout area (Which is open and free this season) - to organize Shuttle to Put-In.
Rather than provide long-winded directions which nobody reads … here's a link to a map:

45°42'52.7"N 76°44'14.8"W
Unnamed Road, Foresters Falls, ON K0J 1V0
WT Paddlers Takeout is the take out and our meeting place to organize the shuttle..
For car-pooling purposes and being creatures of habit, people have the option to meet-up at 8:30 am at the Eagleson Park and Ride which is located at Eagleson Rd. and Hwy 417.
What to Bring:
Kayak and all equipment.


Bring drinking water for the day and a snack or lunch, since we usually stop somewhere along the river.
Safety equipment:
-- your boat with flotation, helmet, spray skirt and paddle
-- lifejacket (PFD), whistle and throw bag
-- clothing appropriate to the air and water temperature, river booties or other kind of shoes.
which is a condensed version paraphrased from the safety thread on our Webb Forum.
At River Run a shuttle needs to be set up so all the paddlers, boats and paddling gear gets to the OWL put in (which is also marked on the map).
Remaining at the take out are dry clothes and a sufficient number of cars for the drivers at the end of the day to fetch the cars.
Usually somebody steps up to be the shuttle Tsar.
More information on shuttling can be found here:
What will happen:
Usually at this event, we have a large flotilla of boats on the river. Once everybody is geared up and ready to go, we will gather in the bay before heading off down the river. That will provide a chance for introductions and to give some safety guidelines. In the past, the last person was left behind ... don't be that person....
It's really difficult to keep track of everybody, so the best approach is to travel down the river in small groups as part of larger entourage.
Newcomer's day is also a couple days prior to the deadline for renewing your 2019 membership, so make sure to renew if you haven't already! We will bring membership forms ($20 per member or family/year)

There will a BBQ occurring back in Ottawa in the evening.
Tibor and Jana Dej has been very nice to offer their backyard for this event.
There will be a Gas and a Charcoal Grill available.

This BBQ will be done in a Potluck manner, so be sure to bring your best recipe to share with everyone!

The club will be providing salads, cheeses, chips and dips, pops and juices.

The address for their house is: 162 Windhurst Dr.

Address on Google Map:


The Ottawa Middle and Main channel are run many times during the paddling season.
We hope to see current, past and new members at this event!


The CdB Executive[/b][/i]
Hi Dominique,

I'm glad you noticed that!

You can see above that I've changed the instructions and map to indicate that, Yes, we are meeting at the Wilderness Tours WT Paddlers Takeout. On the map, I provided above, it's marked as an un-named road but it is the first road on the right when you drive past River Run.

Hope this helps,

Please let me know of any issues.

Hi Paul, can you confirm if you want the meeting point to be the WT Takeout near the river? The one labeled WT Parking Lot on the map?
I will be at the ParknRide.
I am new member would like to come out. Any canoeist in the club will be attending?

Of course, canoeists are welcome. We have a few members who canoe.

See you on Saturday!

I am new member would like to come out. Any canoeist in the club will be attending?
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