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CdB Gatineau River Weekend 2019 Info August 9-11 Info
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CdB  Gatineau River Weekend 2019 Info


CdB Gatineau River Weekend

When: Weekend of August 9 - 11, 2019

Where: Bonnet Rouge Campground on the Gatineau.

This annual summer event is always fun with about 30-40 club members attending. Some people make it a weekend, arriving Friday evening for a quiet campfire, arising Saturday morning and indulging in a hearty Quebecois breakfast. Most decide to drive up Saturday morning for the day trip on the Gatineau followed by dinner in the evening. 

Meet time: Saturday 11 am

Meet place: Bonnet Rouge Campground

Info at:

Map for directions at:

What to Bring: Please bring your own PLATE and CUTLERY for the dinner.


Arriving at the designated time or slightly before will provide time to register, pay access/camping fees, chit chat, set up your tent, and get your gear ready for paddling.

Camping  fees are as follows:

Camping: $17/ person/night ( 5 - 14 years:  $7 ) included the cost of the put in/take out in the camping cost.

If you're looking for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning, Bonnet Rouge will serve it up.

People choosing to come up just for the day will be charged the day rate (whether you paddle or just hang about the campground).


The club pays for a shuttle in the morning ... guessing around 11:40 am. Boats have to be loaded on the trailer only (due to insurance reasons). Please bring your throw rope and straps to aid in securing boats to the trailer.

We will take the club provided shuttle (great big school bus with a hitched trailer filled with our boats, to the put in, paddle the river, take out at Bonnet Rouge, change into dry clothes, consume 1 or 2 beverages and some munchies, relax and get ready for dinner. No need to drive the 40 km round-trip to pick up the cars at the end of the day.

Gatineau River

Plenty of info describing the Gatineau can be found on the internet. A good place to begin is and clicking on the appropriate link. In a nutshell, the Gatineau is a long lake, broken up by Class III/IV rapids with sharp rocks along the shore, all in a very majestic setting. The river is not busy with other boat traffic. All rapids are signed with a portage sign and route. Big water fun or try the creek line river right at the Bec du Corbeau. We try to paddle as a group or at least in small groups within the larger entourage ... don't be the last person or be late for dinner. Expect the river trip to last 3-4 hours so bring something to eat and drink.


The food preparation will be divided up.

The club will be serving ... 3 kind of pulled pork called the Executive Pork Competition. We will choose a winner and hand over a prize for the best pulled pork!

The Executive members will bring baked potatoes, salmon, corn, bunns and a salad or two.

You are certainly welcomed to complement the meal with something to share such as such as an appetizer, salad or dessert.

There will also be an opportunity to contribute by lending a hand in getting the dinner ready which could include making a fire, moving picnic tables, fetching water, husking corn, heating up the potatoes or making the tables look nice.

IMPORTANT:Just a reminder, bring your own PLATE and CUTLERY and Chairs!!!

Evening festivities:

Bring your guitar for the campfire, stargazing, beverage drinking and so on.

If you would like a spot to sit then bring a chair.


Some people decide to paddle the river on Sunday, departure time will be decided Saturday evening but most people prefer to get going earlier rather than later.

This post will be updated if any changes or no info come to light so please check back periodically.

--CdB Executive

There will be a seperate post to organize who is bringing food to share and organize car-pooling if necessary.
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